Conference Overview

Conference on "Cybernetic Modeling of Biological Systems" (MCSB) is the conference of the longest history in Poland and in Europe since the first one was organized in 1980 in five years period. The aim of conference is to link the specialists in medicine (biology) with those involved in computer science and engineering. We aim to cover the bright spectrum from molecular processes, through the simulation of processes on the cellular level to organs and tissues to complete organism. We include also the practical medicine with telemedicine and E-learning techniques as well.

The most important and most representative issues have been presented. Special part in MSCB is representation of medical science and technology, by which the conference has always rich pragmatic value. Innovative methods and specific projects for the practice of medicine and health care, as well as the interesting theoretical proposals enriching our scientific knowledge have been presented so far. Most titled specialists in the subject of modeling biological systems participated in our conferences. The Scientific Committee of the conference includes persons with unquestionable scientific achievements, which are authorities in their fields of research.