Important Dates:

Deadline for Submissions: 15th April 2020

Acceptance/Rejection Information: about two weeks after the submission


Abstract guidelines and rules:  

  • The abstract body should be short (200–600 words), clear, concise, and written in English with correct spelling and good sentence structure.

  •  Abstracts can be compiled as plain text

  • Figures and tables cannot be included.

  • Mathematical symbols and equations must be typed in, and metric symbols should be used.

  •  Abstracts should be carefully compiled and thoroughly checked, in particular with regard to the list of authors, before submission in order to avoid last-minute changes.

  •  The submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation that it is actually presented at the meeting by the author or, at least, by one of the co-authors.

  •  By submitting an abstract, authors accept the licence & copyright agreement and the rules of conduct.

NOTE: Participants who wish to submit an individual paper may choose between an oral presentation and poster. Both oral presentations and posters submitted and accepted by the Scientific Committee will be handled within the grouped by thematic sessions category topics and the best effort will be exercised to create groups of presentations related by their themes in order to promote networking among the presenters and their audience and in order to facilitate meaningful discussion As the distinction between oral presentations and posters is only a matter of the presentation mode, submissions in both categories will be assessed by the same scientific criteria. The Scientific Committee will determine the final mode of presentation, also taking into account the quality of the proposals, their relationships, temporal and technical possibilities. 

Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for the abstract to be published in the official meeting publications as well as in an online supplement to the Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems. For any further information related to the Journal, please refer to:

MSCB 2020 conference participants are kindly requested for submission full english text of their accepted presentation (8-32 pages with figures and tables) which will be published in the special issue (Vol 16 issue 3 Sep 2020) of Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems (indexed in Web of Science and Scopus). The deadline for the submission of the full text is the 31-th of July 2020.

Presenting authors of accepted abstracts must be registered and paid participants. Registration must be received by the Secretariat by the Registration Deadline (May 20, 2020) to ensure inclusion of the abstract in the meeting publications and in order to be scheduled for presentation.

Each person can present a maximum of 5 abstracts at MCSB 2020. This does not include co-authorship, only first authorship/presentations.

Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered.

Abstract Topics

3D Printing, Analysis of signals and medical images, Artificial Intelligence, Biocybernetics, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Bionics, Biostatistics, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Cybernetics, Data Processing, e-Learning, e-Health, Information Systems, Medical Biology, Medical Information Systems, Medical Physics, Medical Science, Medical Statistics, Medical Technology, Modeling and simulation in medicine and biology, Neurocybernetics, Robotics, Systems Theory, Telemedicine, Virtual/Augmented Reality


 If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.