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Hall A0
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9:00 – 9:30

Opening of the Conference

AGH UST Rector - Professor Tadeusz Słomka

Vice-Rector for Medical College
Professor Piotr Laidler



Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz

Prof. Irena Roterman-Konieczna

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

9:30 – 11:00


Lectures in English


Modeling Figure/Ground Separation with Spiking Neurons

Prof. Marc Ebner

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

What can teach us simulations at the molecular level for the folding of proteins

Dr. Jacques Chomilier

The human iron exporter ferroportin. Insight into the transport mechanism by molecular modelling and site-directed mutagenesis

Prof. Fabio Polticelli

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break - Poster session

Hall First Floor

Main Building  (A0)

11:30 – 13:00


Lectures in English


Modeling and simulation in medicine and biology



Prof. Katarzyna Stąpor


Prof. Edward Gorzelańczyk


Prof. Piotr Augustyniak

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

Room 203

Building  A1

Room 119

Building  A1

A method of predicting the secondary protein structure based on dictionaries

Dr. Piotr Fabian

Application of CAE systems for medical diagnostics and surgical operations planning

Prof. Jacek Cieślik

Interfaces for tetraplegic people - review of solutions supporting activities of daily living

Prof. Piotr Augustyniak

Phylogenetic aspects of the concept of intelligent life design

Dr. Zbigniew Krajewski

The role of thermal models in evaluation of wound healing processes

Prof. Antoni Nowakowski

Mixed Spatial Evolutionary Games

Prof. Andrzej Świerniak

Integration of omics data to unravel healthy prostate response in broccoli intervention study

Dr. Wiktor Jurkowski

Toward Computer-Aided Analysis of Data Coming from Evaluation Sheets of Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Krzysztof Pancerz

Medical data preprocessing for increased selectivity of diagnosis

Prof. Andrzej Walczak

Simulation and visualisation of flocking behaviour and SIR epidemic model

Ms Natalia Zoń

Patient specific orthoses using RP technologies

Dr. Piotr Dudek


Biomaterials for Hip Implants

Mr Mieczyslaw Choroszyński



13:00 – 14:00






14:00 – 15:30


Lectures in English

Analysis of signals and medical images


Information Systems

in Medicine


Modeling and simulation in medicine and biology


Dr. Klaudia Proniewska


Dr. Joanna Jaworek-Korjakowska


Dr. Lech Raczyński

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

Room 106

Main Building  (A0)

Room 403

Building  A3/A4

Implementation of Fractional Calculus-Based Methods for the Purpose of Analysis of EEG Signals

Dr. Aleksandra Kawala-Janik

Artificial neural networks in the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions: A review

Dr. Joanna Jaworek-Korjakowska

Comparative studies of FE boards for use of J-PET scanner

Mr Szymon Niedźwiecki

Lateralisation Exercise System for Children Therapy

Dr. Aleksandra Kawala-Janik

Automated Globules Detection and Counting in Skin Lesion Images

Mr Leszek Nowak


Optimization of Levels of Voltage Thresholds in a Novel J-PET Device

Dr. Lech Raczyński


Identification of vital signs based on telemedicine platforms - the near future in telecare

Dr. Klaudia Proniewska

Virtual Patients in Massive Open Online Courses: a technical toolbox

Dr. Andrzej A. Kononowicz

Characterization of the spatial resolution of the J-PET detector

Mrs Ewelina Kubicz

The effect of increasing amitriptyline doses on cardiomyocytes electrophysiology

Ms Zofia Tylutki

Rapid prototyping in applications to preoperative planning

Dr. Piotr Dudek


Reconstruction of hit position and hit time of gamma quanta in the J-PET detector based on the library of averaged model signals

Mrs Neha Gupta

Computer-based method for detecting colorblindness

Mr Maciej Laskowski

Acquisition of individual characteristics of plantar pressure distribution images of the foot

Mr Damian Dzienniak

Novel J-PET plastic scintillator with 2-(4-styrylphenyl) benzoxazole as a wavelength shifter

Ms Anna Wieczorek

Fractal analysis of posturographic time series

Mr Mateusz Popek

Modelling cardiovascular hemodynamics during the Valsalva maneuver

Mr Leszek Pstraś

Performance characteristics of J-PET detector simulated using GATE package

Mr Paweł Kowalski

15:30 – 16:00

Coffee break - Poster session

Hall First Floor

Main Building  (A0)



16:00 – 18:00


Lectures in Polish

Biomedical Engineering

Analysis of signals and medical images

Modeling and simulation in medicine and biology


Prof. Piotr Augustyniak


Dr. Piotr Walecki


Dr. Eliasz Kańtoch

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

Room 106

Main Building  (A0)

Room 403

Building  A3/A4

Human body posture as a source of information about various diseases

Mrs Mirosława M. Długosz


The change of daily protein intake depending on the type of diet with the use of computer program DietaPro

Dr. Agnieszka Ostachowska-Gasior

A Systems Biology  Approach to Melanogenesis. Tyrosinase subsystem and eu/pheomelanin synthesis

Dr. Zenon Matuszak

Human-Machine interface with online gesture classification towards dexterous manipulators teleoperation

Dr. Piotr Kaczmarek

Some remarks on support vector machines application

Mrs Justyna Pieter


Gradient-based parameter estimation of cell signalling pathway models based on normalized semi-quantitative data

Mr Krzysztof Łakomiec

The effect of beclomethasone aerosol deposition location on the function of selected brain structures

Dr Zygmunt Podolec

Independent Component Analysis of EEG data for EGI System

Mrs Anna Gajos


Using mathematical modeling to find possible interactions between NF-κB and HSF signaling pathways

Mrs Małgorzata Kardyńska

Evaluation of hemodialysis catheters by SEM and impedimetric analysis

Mrs Ewa Paradowska

Symmetry of dynamical cerebral autoregulation

Mrs Marta Piątek


Influences of the p53 abnormalities on the apoptotic decision in the non-small cell lung cancer line: A549, H1355 and H157

Mrs Magdalena Ochab

Mechanical valves in pulsatile Ventricular Assist Devices

Mr Jan Barcik

Visual Speech Models for Polish Speech Processing in Noisy Environments

Mr Tomasz Jadczyk


Modeling crosstalk between ATM and ATR signaling pathways after exposure to IR

Mrs Monika Kurpas

The analysis of imaging capabilities for static layouts of scatterers using Doppler tomography method

Mr Tomasz Świetlik

Make the invisible visible - how to use infrared light to detect early atherosclerosis - Study review

Mrs Elżbieta Pociask

Branched IFS models with positioners for biological visualizations

Mrs Małgorzata Prolejko

The use of patterns to evaluate the quality of mapping in CT

Mrs Renata  Knapik

Computer simulation of the regulation mechanism in metabolic diseases

Ms Agnieszka Świerkosz

Simulation of skinfold creep under the load of caliper within the poroelastic model

Ms Joanna Nowak

Study on CIE Exoskeleton interface for paraplegic users

Mr Rafał Kabaciński

 Model Based on Various Data Mining Methods for Prediction of Infertility Treatment Outcome

Mrs Dorota Jankowska

On Scientific Research using Scalarm Platform for Modeling and Simulation

Mr Jakub Liput





Conference Dinner

Stuba Communis Dining Room

Jagiellonian University Collegium Maius

Jagiellońska 15, 31-010 Kraków



FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015

9:30 – 10:30


Lectures in Polish

Neural Networks as a Tool for Modelling of Biological Systems

Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

Patent protection of computer-implemented inventions

Mr Adam Pawlowski

From Hippocrates to statistics in medicine. An historical perspective.

Prof. Ryszard Gryglewski

10:30 – 11:00

Coffee break - Poster session

Hall First Floor

Main Building  (A0)

11:00 – 13:00


Lectures in Polish

Modeling and simulation in medicine and biology

Analysis of signals and medical images

Biomedical Engineering


Prof. Ewa Grabska


Prof. Ryszard Gryglewski


Dr. Jacek Dygut

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

Room 119

Building  A1

Room 203

Building  A1

Is based on the modeling of the hip joint can discover the excellent characteristics of biobearing?

Prof. Anna Maria Ryniewicz

Application of Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for engagement detection in electroencephalographic time-series

Prof. Grzegorz Wójcik

Omnidirectional B-mode Ultrasound Imaging of Breast Tissue

Prof. Krzysztof Opieliński

Simulation of cochlear implant patient’s hearing

Dr. Adam Walkowiak

Monte Carlo simulation of fluorescence based photosensitizer dosimetry in pigmented and non-pigmented tissues

Dr. Zenon Matuszak

An Application of the Automatic Speech Recognition to Estimate Contents of Meals in Order to Calculate Insulin Dosage in Diabetic Patients

Dr. Piotr Foltyński

Learning from "Mother Nature" in material processing on bio molecular templates

Dr. Mariusz Wójcik

Individual Feature Selection for Protein Fold Recognition

Dr. Wiesław Chmielnicki

Direct immobilization of human cytokine antibodies on TiO2 nanotubes array

Dr. Katarzyna Arkusz

Quantum nature consciousness and artificial consciousness

Dr. Adam Adamski

Telemetry recording of the reproductive tract in pigs - investigation of various phases of ovarian cycle

Mrs Ewelina Brzozowska

Simulation of chemo-mechanical processes in porous hydrogels. Identification of the model parameters.

Dr. Katarzyna Kazimierska-Drobny

Quantitative criterion of  the collective behavior of bacteria

Mr Roman Czapla

Information theory analysis of human gait

Mrs Klaudia Kozłowska

Local control approach for CIE exoskeleton

Dr. Piotr Kaczmarek

Modeling the dynamic of insuline-glucose subsystem  using multiagent approach based on knowledge based communication

Mr Sebastian Meszyński



Neural model of cooperation of operator with with the system of the parallel driving - a set of inputs data

Mrs Karolina Trzyniec


Mining Rules of Diagnostic Procedures for Hypothesis Testing Problem

Ms Edyta Winciorek

Software for Open Educational Resources and MOOCs

Mr Damian Marchewka

Cascades of consciousness in narrative communication

Mr Iwona Grabska-Gradzińska


Improving access to expert consultation with tele-dermoscopy and tele-confocal: an introduction to cloud based communication systems.

Mrs Joanna Łudzik

13:00 – 14:00




14:00 – 14:30

Lectures in Polish

Closed lecture

Modelling of cortico-subcortical loops

Prof. Edward Jacek Gorzelańczyk

Aula A0

Main Building  (A0)

14:30 – 14:40

Closing of the Conference

Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz

Prof. Irena Roterman-Konieczna



Poster session

Poster ID


Abstract title


Waldemar Bauer,  Jerzy Baranowski,  Wojciech Mitkowski,  Tomasz Tomasik

Perspectives of using Markov Chain Monte Carlo for simulation of Primary Health Care patients population behavior


Małgorzata Biaduń,  Marek Kuchta,  Jacek Dygut

Modeling of the dynamics of the knee joint in the Simulink


Małgorzata Biaduń,  Marek Kuchta,  Jacek  Dygut

Dynamic's researchers of a knee joint for different types of loads


Łukasz Bojko,  Anna Maria Ryniewicz

The use of Direct Metal Laser Sintering for the manufacturing of prosthetic constructions of CoCrMo


Marta Danch-Wierzchowska,  Damian Borys,  Andrzej Świerniak

Breast deformation modelling based on MRI images - case study


Ryszard  Dindorf,  Piotr Woś

Brain-computer interface for wireless remote control


Dominik Drabik,  Sebastian Kraszewski,  Marek Langner

Comparison of bending rigidity coefficient obtained using both molecular dynamics and vesicle fluctuation analysis


Jacek Dygut,  Marek Kuchta

Simulations in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hip and knee


Anna Jagusiak

Drug delivery system created from carbon nanotubes and supramolecular compounds


Piotr Katolik,  Sebastian Kraszewski

Comparative modelling of the second member of a sodium-dependent glucose cotransporters (hSGLT2) using Modeller program.


Mateusz Kłys,  Sebastian Kraszewski

Homology modeling of the human sodium dependent glucose transporter hSGLT1 (SLC5A1)


Adrian Kłusek,  Witold Dzwinel

Computer simulation of heterogeneous melanoma


Bożena Kostek,  Tomasz Poremski

Designing a computer-based application for subjective tinnitus evaluation


Dominik Drabik,  Marek Langner,  Sebastian Kraszewski

Molecular study of small cell lung carcinoma promotion by catestatin neuropeptide


Wojciech Lasoń,  Edward Jacek Gorzelańczyk,  Piotr Walecki

Quantitative methods of assessment of psychomotor function in opioid-addicted patients


Anna Maria Ryniewicz,  Tomasz Madej,  Andrzej  Ryniewicz,  Łukasz Bojko

The use of 3D modeling hip belt in planning of resurfacing surgery


Przemysław Mazurkiewicz

Application of multichannel EMG signal analysis in estimation of the motor units discharge patterns


Mariusz Nieć,  Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz

A computational study of solid tumour growth and angiogenesis in 3D


Edward Oczeretko,  Marta Borowska,  Ewelina Brzozowska

Signal processing methods in analysis of the uterine contractions activity in women in pregnancy


Patryk Orzechowski,  Krzysztof Boryczko

Rough assessment of GPU capabilities for parallel PCC-based biclustering method applied to microarray datasets


Monika Piwowar

Relation of the exon units to the 2D and 3D protein structures


Michal Podpora,  Aleksandra Kawala-Janik

Cybernetic modelling of human vision in a robot swarm  - a distributed cognitive approach


Roksana Rosicka,  Irena Roterman,  Mateusz  Banach

Analysis of lipid-binding proteins in human brain


Irena Roterman-Konieczna,  Mateusz Banach,  Leszek Konieczny

Hydrophobic core structure of macromomycin - the apoprotein of the antitumor antibiotic auromomycin  - fuzzy oil drop model applied


Anna Maria Ryniewicz,  Wojciech Ryniewicz

Biomechanics of prosthetic bridges


Andrzej Ryniewicz,  Jerzy Soja,  Wojciech Ryniewicz,  Krzysztof Sładek

Experimental studies and modeling of selected layers of the trachea on the basis of EBUS


Piotr Schneider,  Aleksandra Kawala-Janik,  Michał Podpora

Brain Activity Measurement System for the Purpose of Brain-Computer Interaction


Janusz  Skrzat,  Magdalena Kozerska,  Agata Musiał

Polygonal modeling of the human cochlea from micro-ct data


Urszula Smyczyńska

Influence of neural network structure on its performance in solving chosen medical problem


Piotr Szymczyk,  Magdalena Szymczyk

Application of S-transform to signal analysis


Kamila Czaplicka,  Wadim Wojciechowski,  Zbisław Tabor,  Justyna Włodarczyk,  Andrzej Urbanik

Automated assessment of synovitis in 0.2 tesla magnetic resonance images of the metacarpophalangeal joint


Tomasz Wójtowicz,  Krzysztof Rzecki,  Paweł Pławiak,  Michał Niedźwiecki,  Tomasz Sośnicki,  Zbisław Tabor

Emergence of cooperation as a result of mutation and inheritance in PD/PG-like game


Małgorzata Tomanek,  Irena Roterman-Konieczna,  Barbara Kalinowska,  Zbigniew Baster,  Dawid Dułak,  Tomasz Szepieniec

Protein folding simulations of “3D Gauss accordant” structures


Paulina Trybek,  Łukasz Machura,  Michał Nowakowski

The multifractal analysis of the kinesiological surface electromyography signal


Piotr Walecki,  Katarzyna Pasgreta,  Marek Kunc,  Edward Gorzelańczyk

Saccadic eye movement abnormalities in Alzheimer's disease


Piotr Walecki

Eye movement measurement in the diagnosis of ADHD/HKD


Piotr Walecki,  Edward Gorzelańczyk,  Wojciech Lasoń,  Julia Feit,  Katarzyna Pasgreta

Diagnostic tools for the evaluation of disorders associated with HIV infection


Piotr Walecki,  Wojciech Lasoń

Model of activity dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in saccadic eye movements


Andrzej Chmiel,  Marta  Wasilewska-Radwańska,  Agata Dankowska,  Kinga Wełnogórska

Dosimetry verification of treatment plans in a dynamic techniques in radiotherapy


Zdzisław Wiśniowski,  Irena Roterman,  Barbara Kalinowska

Construction of Fuzzy Automata for Determining the Structure of the Early-stage Intermediate in Protein Folding


T. Kołodziej, D. Dziob, P. Cyzio, J. Nowak, Z. Rajfur

Influence of media on cell migrations parameters


D. Dziob, T. Kołodziej, P. Cyzio, J. Nowak, Z. Rajfur

Elastic polymer substrates for cell migration research


Andrzej Stanisz

Application of Data Minning methods for determination of risk factor for complication appearance after the ischaemic stroke


Elżbieta Broniatowska

The interactions of beta-lactamases with their inhibitors – the ETS-NOCV analysis


Sałapa K., Trawińska A., Tadeusiewicz R.

Speaker discrimination based on neural networks and dynamic formant frequencies of Polish vowels


Sałapa K., Trawińska A., Tadeusiewicz R.

Application of Multilayer Perceptron to identification of Polish-language speakers based on the vowel /e/


Chłopaś Katarzyna, Jagusiak Anna, Konieczny Leszek, Piekarska Barbara, Roterman Irena, Rybarska Janina, Stopa Barbara, Zemanek Grzegorz, Bielańska Elżbieta, Piwowar Piotr, Woźnicka Olga

The use of metal-carrying dye markers to reveal the structure of amyloid proteins by em


Wach J., Bubak M., Konieczny L., Roterman I., Chłopaś K.

Negative feedback based on simulation of bio-systems